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Liz Young

Birmingham Criminal Defense Lawyer

About Liz Young

For nearly a decade she represents individuals who have been investigated, accused, or arrested for a wide variety of criminal charges. From DUIs to traffic crimes to severe violent crimes, Liz can handle them all. As one of the highly revered Birmingham criminal defense attorneys at Dummier Young LLC, Liz is determined to help clients through every step of the legal process and resolve their case with the best outcome possible.
Probate Matters- Liz is a favorite among locals and has an excellent reputation for her ability to handle estate planning and probate matters throughout the state of Alabama. Whether you are planning to draft a Will of your own, want to discuss end of life care or just want to know your options, Liz is known as someone who works to ensure her client’s wishes are respected. Liz has extensive knowledge in the legal process after a loved one dies and has litigated a number of multimillion dollars estates to favorable outcomes.

Comprehensive Legal Background

Liz has a solid foundation in the legal field having started her career in the criminal justice profession more than a decade ago by first working in law enforcement. She decided to specialize in criminal defense as an attorney because of her unique insight as to the arrest and investigation process from the perspective of police and prosecutors. This insight becomes invaluable while defending her clients in court.

Liz is experienced in a broad spectrum of criminal cases in state and municipal courts. She was awarded the Top 10 Under 40 by the National Academy of Criminal Defense Attorneys in 2015. Liz is active in both the Birmingham Bar Association and the Alabama Bar Association and serves on a number of committees in those organization. Liz leads her business community through her role as prior President (2016) and current board member of the Gardendale Chamber of Commerce.

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Liz is committed to seeking a positive outcome in every case she has the opportunity to handle and will do everything within her power to see that the case is resolved in your favor. She will help her clients through every part of the legal process and work hard to get positive results because she knows the difference that a successful judgment can make in their lives and the lives of their families.

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